I spent a good part of Monday morning sleeping before eventually getting up to give Timmy the Greyhound a long lunchtime walk.

The reason of course was Super Bowl LI.  Watching this in the UK means a very late night / early morning.  I was supporting the Falcon’s and could not believe they did not run more time off the clock and also get that field goal towards the end, but instead give up easy penalties and get pushed back out of field goal range before giving up the ball. I still thought they would win but Tom Brady showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.  It was a stunning end to a great season. 

I have a lot of respect to wildlife and sports photographers, your carrying a lot of very heavy glass and its tricky to anticipate the action to get the shot you want.

It reminded me of some sports photography I did many years ago.  This was shooting our local American football team the Lincoln Bombers.  Shooting from the side line is tricky and occasionally risky and you take your life into your hands.

In those days I was of course shooting Black & White film, so i’ll have to dig out the old negatives and get them scanned.

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