The new 12 inch Mac – For Road warriors not photographer


There is a lot to like about the new Mac, its screen, low power, all day battery life.  The down side is connectivity.  There is just the single USB-C port which Apple had a large hand in designing.

This port has to handle everything, charging, video and data.

Once appropriate hubs and docking stations are available it will be great but until then there are issues for those of us who connect a lot of external devices.

Typically when importing my photographs, i’ll have the card reader, a backup hard drive that gets a copy of the photographs and a main data drive plugged in.  Often with the power and an external monitor.

For photographers then this machine is currently a little disappointing.  One has to remember that not every machine is aimed at the same market.  For a user who needs all day battery life, uses the web, email and office applications; this machine is ideal.

For the rest of use, then maybe the MacBook Pro is still the best option.

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