Timing – things always go wrong at the worst time

I had a great shoot on Sunday with the lovely Amy, so today I was keen to get some photographs processed and posted up.

Amy and the Tree

Sunday evening I imported all the photographs and backed everything up.  Then Monday I made a quick start editing a couple so I send some to Amy.  Then just at the worst time we had a power cut.  I had no idea when it would come back so I had to stop and go to work in Lincoln.

Tonight I promised myself to work hard and at least get some basic processing and key wording done.  Well Adobe Lightroom V5 would not open, not matter what I tried.  My current catalogue and some older catalogues would just hang.  I tried the Option-Click trick and opened Lightroom with a fresh new catalogue and that would work, but when I exited, once again Lightroom would hand when I tried to open it, even opening the new catalogue I had just created.

I deleted the preferences and also tried removing the templates as that in the past has caused issues, all to no avail.  The trick that finally got things up and working was to Option-Click, create a new catalogue, then while I was in the blank catalogue, go through and disable all my plug-ins.  Adobe Lightroom now works and I quickly produced the above image.

I still have to figure out which plug-in is causing the issue but that can wait until another day.  I have editing to do.

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