Truth and Advertising

Giant Leica Mirrorless SLTiny Leica Mirrorless SLI usually try and avoid the forums after a camera launch but fail then get very angry when people do not understand a camera or judge its output based on a tiny sRGB 8-bit jpg on a webpage.

Well apart from the above, whats winding me up at the moment is all the negative press about the size of the Leica SL.  Yes for a mirrorless camera its big, your talking DSLR Nikon D750 size and the 90-280mm f/2.8-f/4 is a sizeable beast (note thats why it comes with a tripod collar).

But we have seen some very misleading photographs showing off the new Leica SL.  The top one camera and grip with the large pro standard zoom in the hands of a small model, then the next less showing a professional photographer who has one on loan from Leica with a small prime lens fitted.

Unless someone told you, you would not know they are the same camera.

Anyway rant over.  If you don’t want a mirrorless camera with the best EVF, best lens and according to pros who have used it and processed the images, quality that is up there with Medium format cameras then fine, but don’t lie about it and critic it honestly, e.g. the ergonomics do not match up to the Leica S or any of the pro body Canon or Nikons, and yes i’ll agree its pricey.

PS if you want a honest review see

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