Wacom Intuos Pro

Back in the golden years of Hollywood the retouchers tools were a soft B pencil and a scalpel. In the darkroom cardboard masks and little circles of card to stuck to wires to dodge and burn was required.


In the hands of experts, blemishes were removed and complexions made perfect.

Today we use our mouse or touchpad, but often for more detailed work the experts day a pen and tablet is the order of the day.

This week is Photoshop World and many manufactures and software developers are releasing new versions.  One of the offers that did catch my eye was the new Wacom Intuos Pro from Wacom.  I am not sure yet if this is genuinely a new pen and tablet or just a rebrand of the well known Intuos 5, but as I will be having a major office redesign soon I may just have to test one out and see if there is a place for one in my current workflow.


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