Wacom Tablet – starting with the Pen

Wacom Intuos Pro

With the house move as well as Caroline having her own sewing and craft room, I have my own office which I use as my digital darkroom.  I am still in the process of getting everything set up the way I want but one of the new purchases to make editing easier is my new Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.

When you talk about Tablets then Wacom are the market leader.  Many people love tablets others prefer the mouse.  If your thinking of trying one then you have to give it a good try.  The analogy I heard was this “For the first week its likely trying to use a paint brush with your feet.”

I have to admit, the first few days were difficult, I could definitely use a mouse or tack pad a lot easier and get better results.  I have now been practicing for just over a week, a mix of just messing about, plus some actual serious editing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, but as well as that, I have been using it for just general web browsing and controlling the computer.  I am now getting to the point where it is starting to get to feel natural.

This weekend I gave it a good try out in Adobe Illustrator, I made a scale plan of the bottom of the back garden so I could start to make a plan of where to site the chicken coup and bee hives to fit in with the current garden layout as I wanted to leave the main tree and statue that we have at the back.  It was my first time using Adobe Illustrator and its a very odd program.  Like its name sake Adobe Photoshop it has a very steep learning curve. I watched a few tutorial videos on the internet but it is still a very confusing program for a beginner like me to get the hang off.  Still it allowed me to use use the tablet while I concentrated on the program.

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