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If I was to carry only one camera and one lens what lens would I want?

Leica Summicron 35mm
Leica Summicron 35mm

Its a question I have asked myself quite often recently.  I often go out with the Leica M4 or M8 over my shoulder with nothing else except for a spare battery in my pocket.  I usually find myself with the 35mm, which on the full frame M4 is the classic 35mm field of view, on the M8 its closer to the classic 50mm being a 47mm field of view.

If I am travelling light with the Nikon V1 I have the small pancake 10mm which equates to a 28mm field of view.

There is a lot to be said for going out with just a single camera and single focal length, its an excellent training exercise and makes you work harder for the composition rather then just standing still and zooming.

Currently my favourite is the 35mm, its not too wide to distort and works well as a good all round standard lens.  Looking at compacts I keep wanting a 35mm field of view but most of the good ones tend to be 28mm unless you get one with a zoom and then the zoom is often too slow.

What lens would you have if you could have only one?

Compromise and use a zoom? Or what focal length if a prime?

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