Wildlife Prep

This weekend I will get out and shoot some wildlife.

So after a long day at work a bit of prep is in order.  First of all equipment, a Nikon D800 and a 300mm f/2.8 lens, cleaned set up and ready for action.

Generally I have the focus set to the focus button and not the release.  I’ll also be shooting in aperture priority, with, if the light allows, stopped down one stop, i’ll be using auto iso and configure it to not allow the shutter speed to drop below 1/800, that should freeze everything except birds in flight.

Lastly check out the memory cards, format them in camera and ensure the batteries are full charged.

As well as checking your camera equipment the other important part of this is the photographers clothing and footwear.

Standing outside in winter waiting for a shot can show up the extremes of the British weather.  It could be a warm +10 C or -10 C, sometimes back to back in this changeable climate.

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