Yearly Mileage

Today was the first day back at work for us.  As is usual, we commuted on the bike.  It was the first bike ride of the new year so as is traditional with me, I made a note of the mileage on the bikes.


The Honda has reached 58040, so last year we only did 351 miles, at least thats slightly better then the year before when we only rode 282.

Crossing the Ford

The BMW has reached 17660, so last year we did 7513, the year before was 6716.

When we had more time we used to regularly go on long bike rides and weekends away.  It got to the point I was doing 12000 miles a year.  Now we only manage a few weekends out a year plus one big bike holiday, plus the daily commute.

The typical sports bike only manages about 2500 miles a year, while a tourer about 4000, so we are still managing more milage then most bikers.

Today was a bit of a challenge, as we had to face snow covered roads, always fun.

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