Anyone want to shoot?

Yesterday I had the morning at Hartsholme park shooting some Landscapes in the early morning sun but I spent the afternoon enjoying the Lincoln Photography show.  It was a really good show and i’ll likely post a few thoughts on it in the next few days. I would also recommend checking out Chris’s blog as I am sure he will have a more detailed review of the show.

Did I buy anything oh yes, its been a very expensive week.  On the Monday somebody traded in a fall two body Hasselbad outfit with four lens and a PhaseOne digital back.

Chris had been in the shop earlier in the day and tipped me off, so I popped in and told them to phone me once they knew how much they were going to sell it for.

Chris and myself have a very good relationship with the staff of the Lincoln Branch of London Camera Exchange and it was not long before we came to a good deal and I am now the owner of a PhaseOne digital back that will fit both my Hasselblad and my Ebony Large Format camera.

As I mentioned the show had some great offers but I went just to look and hopefully test a few compacts as I am still trying to find the perfect compact for me.  But while there they had an amazing offer on some factory reconditioned Nikon D800’s.

So this week I ended up buying a PhaseOne medium format back and a Nikon D800.

So now I need to test them.

I have a few free days in November so if anyone fancies a shoot TFCD let me know. If your willing to put up with me testing my new PhaseOne digital back and Nikon D800, I can promise you a fun day and some great photographs.

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