Apple’s iPad update – iPad2 and ios 4.3

Well as expected Apple announced their iPad update, the new iPad2.  I am sure the Apple haters will trash it and the Apple lovers announce its the best update since sliced white bread.

For me these devices are more about what you can do with them and that means the applications.

As a Hassleblad medium format camera user, I received an email from them today, announcing there new iPad app which basically allows remote control and viewing of the taken image from your Hassleblad on the iPad.

With apps like this, a great 9.7 inch display, then not only does it make a great device for showing photos to clients but a productive and creative device too.

Looks good. Will I get one.  Don’t know, there are still a couple of apps I would like to see, are you listening Adobe and Elinchrom!

Update: New iTunes available now to support the new features.

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