The Photo of the Month

Well as you can see I managed to get the photo of the month.  The Snow Drops are coming out now and I have to admit it is hardly an original idea.

Equipment used was a Nikon D200 SLR, 105mm f/2.8 macro lens together with my Manfrotto Tripod and Arca Swiss head.

Snow Drops are not the easiest subject to capture.  The problem is getting low enough.  To get stunning photos of flowers you either need to shoot from the same level or for added impact shoot from below.

As Snow Drops are so small I scouted around trying to find a bunch on a slope.

So setting the tripod as low as it would go, with the help of the small slope I managed to get on the same level as the flowers.

The next problem was the wind.  I had my assistant holding my coat as a wind break and also with her free hand hold the base of the stem of the key flower I was trying to photograph.

If I was shoot this again, I would also take with me my Macro Flash equipment, I would then be able to use flash to freeze movement.

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