Autumn in Hartsholme Park

It was a busy weekend.  First off, an early start and I got to Hartsholme Park shortly after dawn.  We had a very slight snow fall overnight, and the morning was looking good.  I had high hopes for some good images.

I shot a few leaves and trees, the colour was a little limited, I had wanted some good reds but they were a bit lacking.

After shooting a few landscape shots, I headed to the lake and setup with the tripod to shoot some of the wildlife.  Just as I was setting up a Heron flew past, typically I was not ready.  It was the closest I had seen a Heron for over a year, it would have made a fantastic shot.

I then saw a Cormorant fly past, this time I thought I was ready, unfortunately I was still thinking about landscapes and had left the camera in aperture priority set to f/8, thus as you can see in the picture above the picture is a little blurred due to the shutter speed being too low.

The morning was fun if very cold, and it was a reminder to me how difficult wildlife photography is.  I had not done any for several month, and I missed many good shots.

A good morning, which I enjoyed, but I was a little disappointed with the final results.  Still next time I will do better, as they say practice makes perfect.

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