That fitness kick

Well we hit the gym again last night, Wednesday is Yoga class.  Only the four of us but a good class and a good evening.

Unfortunately I did over do it a bit, combined with the gym session at the weekend left me with an aching back this morning.  Riding a motorcycle with back ache is an interesting experience, luckily the weather was fine with no repeat of yesterdays icy roads and Tuesday snow.

If your getting back into your fitness routine, take care, the Christmas break of no exercise, lots of food and drink means a slow start is best.  Easy to say, not so easy to do.

Back to the Gym

Like most people, the new year means off to the gym.

We try to go twice a week.  We had a break and only went once over Christmas but today was back to the normal schedule, so a hard work out was the plan.

Christmas had not been kind, I had put on 6 pounds in weight!  I concentrated on a cardio workout, legs and core, and boy did I feel it.

Afterwards we had a chat to the staff, as a letter had come over Christmas advising us of an increase in our gym membership fee’s due to the increase in VAT.  We soon negotiated a discount and now pay less then we did five years ago.

Pilates or Yoga

Thursday night is Pilates night for us.

I have to admit, I do prefer Yoga but unfortunately our gym did not offer that any more.

With running I find that even stretching well after each run, the legs do get very stiff. Doing Pilates or Yoga for an hour a week really helps you to keep supple.

But the gym telephoned us and cancelled, saying that Pilates would no longer be offered, after asking what it would be replaced with they said nothing, but they would be offering Yoga on Wednesday night.  Yes!  Result!

So tonight a quick tea and off to the gym for our first Yoga session in about three years.

Oh boy, do I ache now.  Never let anyone tell you Yoga is the easy option.  Three years of occasional Pilates has not really kept us as supple as I would have liked.  While the odd course taken with our old Yoga teacher has been fun its not been enough.  Looks like its going to be fun but hard work for the next few Wednesdays until we get back into it.

a Busy March, Photographs, Holidays, Flying and Horses.

Well its now March and time for our second holiday of the year. Once again we visited one of our favorite places, Southwold, in Suffolk. Richard went with a plan in mind. To get a picture with the sea in front, then the seashore, with the town and lighthouse in the background, just after sunset. Unfortunately they locked the pier at sunset so he could not get the picture he wanted, so had to make do instead, but still not a bad shot.

The weather was lovely and warm, not bad for March, and we took the opportunity to visit a few English Heritage sites in Suffolk.

Mothers day was also the day Angela and Martin were due to visit and see Sofia for the first time. We decided to all meet up at Caroline’s fathers place and we cooked up a big pot of chilli and a shephard’s pie for everyone.

March was also the month that Richard finally did his first ever flying solo cross country and Caroline managed to horse jump two poles high.

Lastly it was Alan’s birthday, so we all met up at Alison’s and Declan’s place. On the last day of March we got into the garden and spent all day getting it all tidy.

Caroline Vera Store – RIP

I finally started to get over a series of colds this month. We had also booked a day off work. We went off for a Yoga course. The yoga course was based on animal forms and as before it was a great day.

Later in the month we started to get worried about nan. She had got a cold and had stopped eating. Nan was very much a lady who did what she wanted and she told the doctor in no uncertain terms that she was not going to hospital.

The Friday before we were due to go on holiday we got the news that she was very ill. The Saturday, and the first day of our holiday in Wales we got the sad news. Nan had been admitted to hospital and had died that morning. We headed back that Monday helped my mother sort out the details.

Thanks to all the family and friends who helped and came to the funeral.

A fit start

Well the first month back at work and things are going well. We have
been going to the gym regularly, and I have got back into my running

We had our first walk of the year, we headed out along the old Louth –
Horncastle Canal and then back through the villages of Conningsby and Tattershall.

A good fit start to the year.