Film Friday

Waiting on the Street

Just a quick snap from and old roll I scanned recently.

Leica M4 and a 35mm Summicron lens while wandering around the Bailgate area of uphill Lincoln.

Its always fun using the M4, no built in lightmeter so a handheld meter and a bit of luck and judgement.  As I wonder around, as I spot the light changing I do a quick re-meter and change the settings on the camera.

Street Markets – Street Photography


Lincoln Market, Leica M4, Ilford HP5 Plus, Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
Lincoln Market, Leica M4, Ilford HP5 Plus, Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
There is quite a resurgence in street photography, driven by the growth in small quiet cameras; but a lot of people are very nervous about it.  Not only are you afraid of peoples reactions but in todays more security paranoid world, someone with a camera is treated with suspicion.

Events are a good place to start, people expect photographers at events.

The above shot was taken at the monthly farmers market in Lincoln, its a more interesting picture because its taken from behind the counter.  Shot on my little Leica M4 film camera, the people in it are busy with their shopping and are not noticing me.


Photo of the Month – October

The old Hive, Ilford HP5 Plus, Leica M4, 35mm Summlicron
The old Hive, Ilford HP5 Plus, Leica M4, 35mm Summlicron

Leica M4
Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH 6-Bit
35mm, 1/250 Sec at f/5.6, Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400
Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC2015.2.1
On a MacPro, OS-X 10.11.1


I was after trying out some Kodak Tri-X film that I had just bought and the Leica M4 had only three frames left of Ilford HP5 Plus, my current favourite film, so I went for a quick walk round the village where I live in the hope of using it up.

Many of us in the village keep chickens and several of us either keep bee’s, have kept bees or are about to keep bees so this view from the high street attracted me.  While personally for bee keeping I prefer a national hive with 14 x 12 brood box, an old english WBC hive as seen above is the prettiest and with the double skin practical for colder climates, but with the small brood chamber its not the most practical, thus many sit disused and used as ornaments in gardens.

What film on a film Friday

Leica M4 35mm Summicron
Leica M4 35mm Summicron

What film is a question now that many film photographers will argue over.

For colour I tend to shoot Fuji, with Velvia on large format being one of my favourites but tricky to use due to high contrast.

For Black & White i have generally stuck with Ilford and HP5+ rated at 400 ISO and have never used Kodak Tri X which many rave over.

So I have placed an order and got a pack of Tri X to have a go at.  It might be sometime before I show any of my work with it as my film use is only occasional but I look forward to giving it a go.

Film Friday – Grave Stones

Grave in the Grass, Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400
Grave in the Grass, Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400

Its another film Friday! Yes, one of the downsides of me having a new scanner is that I get to show you some of my old work. This was taken about ten years ago and is from a period where I was teaching Caroline how to develop Black & White film, something that we enjoy but have not done in at least eight or nine years, but is something I want to get back into.

I hate the argument about what is best film or digital, its like asking a painter what is best, water colours or acrylic, there different and both a valid art form and craft.

The camera I think was a Nikon FM2n, the film was Ilford HP5 Plus rated at its standard ISO 400.

Film Friday – Lincoln Bailgate

Film Friday - Bailgate Whisky ShopAs I continue to refine my scanning technique heres another Film Friday for you, this is the Bailgate area of Lincoln.  I don’t believe the Yorkshire TV shop is there any more but the Whisky Shop definitely is and is worth a visit if your after a fine Whisky from all over the world.


Film Friday – Simple Nude Form Study

Nude Girl's Back This week I have been going through some of my very early work, this film shot was taken in 1995 I believe with a Canon A1.  So twenty years old.  I have certainly learnt a lot since then, and also forgotten a lot.

Soon i’ll have my own studio ready (getting ready to put the new floor down at the moment), and I think i’ll be going back to simple studies like this, working simply with a single light and getting back to the basics.

Sometimes keeping it simple is all that is required.

Film Friday – Vintage Bicycle

Leica M4 24 Elmar, Ilford Delta 100
Leica M4 24 Elmar, Ilford Delta 100

I am photographing a vintage fair this weekend for fun using my little old film Leica M4, as I was loading my film I thought it was time for a film Friday so here we are, a picture taken with my Leica M4 earlier this year.

Film Friday – Chimping on Steep Hill

Leica M4, Summicron 35mm Ilford Delta 400
Leica M4, Summicron 35mm Ilford Delta 400

Time for another film Friday, on one of my regular excursions up Steep Hill in Lincoln I spotted this gentleman taking photographs of the old Jews House.  I could not resist getting a shot of him ‘chimping’ at the results.

As usual for my 35mm film work it was taken on my old Leica M4.