Colour Management and Check your settings after Photoshop Creative Cloud Updates

While editing this months picture of the month, there was a few aspects that did not seem quite right to me.  So I dived into Adobe Photoshop’s colour settings just to check a few things and discovered that the defaults were set.  Now this might be fine for many Photoshop workers who do pre-press work etc, but not for photographers.  Luckily I have all my settings saved as a preset so could quickly apply them again but I was not happy that it had happened.

I suspect that during the latest Creative Cloud update that put Adobe Photoshop CC2014 on our machines it took the settings back to default.

I suggest you check any preferences you have set and make sure they are correct.


Photoshop Colour Settings

If your interested in colour management and getting the most out of your images then I suggest you check out one of my old posts on colour management and working spaces.

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