Customer Service

You generally don’t find out how good a company is until things go wrong.

Marks & Spencer; they always come to mind.  We once made an error and when we tried to correct it, we not only had the problem easily corrected but got an apology and a bunch of flowers for my wife, now bear in mind this was our error not theirs, we got excellent service and their opinion was they should not have allowed us to make such an error.

Warehouse Express; is also a company I have had excellent service from.  On one occasion their courier let me down badly and I was having no satisfaction trying to resolve it with them.  As far as the courier was concerned they could not be wrong so it must all by my fault.  A quick phone to Warehouse Express and what the courier has said was impossible now became posible and I had my goods the next day.

Yesterday I was pleased to experience some more good customer service.  I had placed an order the week before for an AeroPress Coffee maker.  On the Monday I got an email informing me it had been shipped, just the day after the order was placed.  Well by Friday night nothing had arrived, so I dropped them a quick email that evening to chase it up.

Despite it being outside office hours I got a quick email back, apologising and saying they would look into it on Monday. Well, first thing Tuesday morning by 1st Class post I had my order, including some coffee that had been roasted that very Monday morning and a quick note explaining what had happened.

Thanks Sarah for sorting this and i’ll definitely be placing more orders with you at HasBean Coffee.

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