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iPhone 6If your an Apple user you are most likely already aware that the latest bug fix for iOS 8 was released today v8.1.1, not played with it much yet but lets hope things are getting more stable.  I have had a few app crashes but nothing too bad.  Certainly not like iOS 2.0 which was in my opinion unusable.

Leica M4 & M8 by Candle LightOf more notable concern for camera users, at least for us Leica users was updated firmware for the Leica M series.  Not having the latest M I checked the site anyway expecting not to see anything for me but was surprised to see Leica have released updates for all the digital M series cameras including the original digital Leica M8.

Its great to see such support for a camera that was released back in 2006 I think and my M8.2 was 2008.

Certainly from recent history only Fuji seem to be giving there customers such good support.

Chris has also recently blogged about firmware updates for his OM D here.  I was glad to see that the Leica updates are applied the same way as my Nikon updates, just copy the firmware update to an SD card and update from Camera.

Like Chris I prefer this method of update.  I have not updated a recent Sony, but when I had to update the Alpha A55 I had to use the computer, see here for details.

Click on the link below for the update download and instructions.

Instructions for updating the
LEICA M8/M9/M Monochrom/M-E Firmware

  1. Format an SD memory card in your camera.
  2. Turn off the camera and insert the card into an SD card reader – either integrated or connected to your computer. (A reader is required for Firmware updates).
  3. Download the Firmware file from the Leica Website using the Service & Support/Support/Downloads Menu and unzip the file.
  4. Save the unzipped file (extension “.upd or .upm”) at the top level of the card’s folder structure.
  5. Remove the card properly from your card reader, insert the card into the camera and close the bottom cover.
  6. Turn on the camera using the main switch and wait for at least 3 seconds before continuing with step 7.
  7. Confirm the prompt that appears in the monitor as to whether you want to update the firmware on thecamera to the new version.

    The update process takes around 180s. You will then be prompted to restart the camera using the main switch.

  8. Turn the camera off and back on again.

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