Mirror-less Party – is it coming to an end

A Fun video about the current mirror-less range. Chris did beat me to this and posted it earlier in the year but I could not resist posting it too.

All the major players are now manufacturing mirror-less system.  The new systems have been a huge hit in the far East.  Recently on a trip to the Böd of Gremista to visit the Shetland Textile Museum, the museum had opened early to allow a coach load of Japanese tourists to visit.  They were just leaving as we were arriving and every one of them had a mirror-less camera round there neck or in there hand.

Yet here in Europe and in the United States of America sales have been slow.  All the major players have released there annual reports now and it shows mirror-less is not making any money.  People still prefer there SLR’s.  Part of the problem can be seen on the camera internet forums and with companies like Canon and Nikon.

People are saying mirror-less is a competitor and Canon and Nikon seem to see it that way too, releasing limited, crippled or models with issues that do not compete with there SLR ranges.

Mirror-less I see currently as a companion camera and not an alternative option, but there are getting better and because of the expense of manufacturing the mirror modules I see SLR’s adopting mirror-less technologies, this will improve camera makers profit margins.

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