Photography Show 2015

Joe McNallyI finally booked my tickets this weekend for the big Photography show of 2015 in the UK. Yes its time for the Photography Show at the NEC.

Last year I bought my new printer there, getting a really good deal, this year I am looking at scanners.

The big thing for me is that Leica will be there.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Leica T, the new X3 and of course comparing the Leica ME with the Leica M 240.  I have a Leica M8 and would love a newer version.  I can afford the ME but the M 240 is a bit of a push so it will be nice to see how much an improvement over the M8 they are and if I would be happy with an ME or need to keep saving for the M 240.

Leica T 701

Its also going to be interesting comparing the Leica T and X3 with the Fuji X100T. I feel the Leica will have the edge on image quality but with the viewfinder the X100T may just top it.  The big advantage of the T is I can use my current Leica glass.

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