Shooting People – What Camera?

After Landscapes, I shoot people the most.

  • Weddings with my SLR’s.
  • Model Portfolio’s also with my SLR’s.
  • Portraits with my SLR’s.

I would guess that 90% of other photographers would also reach for an SLR for these subjects.  I suspect the other 10% are professional studio photographs shooting with their Hasselblad’s, Leica S’s and other digital medium format cameras.


Well with the interest of mirror less cameras expanding, I have shot a recent studio portfolio with my small Leica M, and taken a risk and done some commercial portraits with my Nikon One and the other day with the Leica M.

I have been surprised at how well they can perform, most of the issues have been down to the picture taker and not the equipment.  Its certainly given me food for thought.


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