Spring Photo Trip – getting ready

Cathedral of Books

It’s that time of the year again were we are going to spend a few days concentrating on photography. The intention is to take some landscape photographs but also a few wildlife shots. One of the locations was scouted out last year. I also used an iPad application called the Photographs Ephemeris, a mapping app which one can set a time and date and use to predict the location of the sun and moon.

Equipment wise, I wanted to limit what I took with me. For the Landscape I would be shooting large format using my Ebony 45S camera. For the wildlife then it had to be my Nikon SLR’s and the big heavy lens.

We would also be taking some time to visit a few antique shops and books shops, there might be an opportunity to grab a few nice shots of people and scenes, so I would need a small light easy to carry camera that would not be noticed.

I was torn between the Nikon V1 and the Leica M. In the end as they are both so small I will pack both.

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