Street Photography with my Leica M8

Every couple of months I pop into Lincoln and have a walk round the Cathedral and Bailgate area of Lincoln.  Its a lovely area and each time I cycle through my cameras.  Trying different types of camera really makes you think, and Street Photography is something that is quite challenging.

So far its been my Nikon Series 1, Ebony Large Format, Nikon DSLR, Leica M4, Hasselblad V Medium Format, and today it was my Leica M8.

Music Man

Compared to the Ebony and Hasselblad its a very small light and quick camera to use.  I started off in Castle Square, sometimes it has the Farmers Market where I usually shoot people buying goods from the stalls, but today there was a rather good busker.


As you can see in the shot above, I was not concentrating enough on my shutter speed and letting it get a little low, it was a cold winters day, but I had left the camera at the base ISO of 160.  Later when the light levels really started to drop, I upped it a stop to 320ISO.

Whisky Shop

The Leica M is considered the ultimate street photography camera, but any camera can work and I find it quite a challenge to use my other cameras.  The key is more your familiarity with the camera and to play to its strengths.

Leaving the Post Office

It was a fun couple of hours shooting, but a cold day in Lincoln, if your interested in a Leica, then I can recommend the M4 or M8.2 (or M8 with the shutter upgrade like mine).  If you want a classic film Leica but don’t want to have to bother with a external meter (my M4 has no meter), then look for a cheap M6.

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