The little BMW Tourer – F800ST

Today I was in the extremely lucky  position to be offered the choice of having any BMW motorcycle I wanted for the day (thank you Astles BMW of Grimsby).

Well it may surprise you all but I opted for the smallest tourer BMW have in there range, the little F800ST.  You see I keep looking out for a small bike to replace our little Honda Deauville.  Our Honda is the little 650cc model not the latest version but it is getting a little old now and will soon need replacing, but what with.

Well the new Deauville I consider a little overweight, though even more practical.  The BMW F800 while possibly not as practical is a little sportier and more modern.

I took it for a spin round North Lincolnshire and was well and truly surprised, this has to be one of the best handling little bikes I have ever ridden, plenty of torque, and quick enough for what it is, but the way it flicks through the bends was simply stunning.

If your after a small bike with a big attitude and more then enough handling to have fun in the twisty back roads, then this is it.

Great and very enjoyable day, but I was glad to get back on my R1200GS, now that is possibly the ultimate big tourer.

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