The Photography Show 2015 Intro

Joe McNally


We are now less then two weeks away from the NEC Photography Show 2015.  On the main stage the person I would be most interested to see is Don McCullin but unfortunately I will not be able to make it that day, so it will just be the main stands i’ll be visiting.

If you get the chance to listen to a top photographer, its often well worthwhile.  Last year it was Joe McNally and he was a great speaker.

At the show this year I’ll again be interested in the Epson products; last year I purchase a Epson wide carriage printer and came close to purchasing a Fuji X100s in black.  The Fuji would make a great compact but I am still not completely sold on the X-Trans sensor.

This year I am after a Epson scanner, I still have a lot of slides to scan and still shoot the odd film, 35mm in my Leica M4, 120 in my Hasselblad when I am not using my PhaseOne digital back, and of course 4 x 5 inch large format.

The cost of the scanner will soon be recouped as the cost of even basic scanning means, a considerable expense.

One the camera front there are a number of things I want to look at.  The latest Fuji X100T with its new in picture optical viewfinder is one.  I’ll also be looking at the Panasonic LX100, and as Leica will be there, their version of this camera.

It will also be good to try the Lecia X and the Leica T.  Neither of these cameras have a built in viewfinder but an optional evf instead which means they have a lot going against them in my view but the X could make a good travel camera and the T would work with all my existing Leica M lens so there is much positive as well.

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