What iOS Photography Apps

So the other day I listed some of my iOS apps I use on my iPhone or iPad to help me in my photography but what do I use them for.

My favourite is SnapSeed from Nik software, available for both the iPhone and the iPad, its a great app for messing about, and trying out ideas. More for the iPad then the iPhone, its key feature for me is that it can process RAW files not just jpegs.

My most useful app is probably gps4cam. This is truly an amazing little app. Your turn it on at the start of your photography session then at the end you click on the stop and take a picture of the QR code displayed. When you process copy your photographs to your computer you then run the desktop client against your photographs including the photography of the QR code, and the software adds the gps co-ordinates into each photograph. No need to match clock times or the usual hassles that other types of gps software need, its effortless.

If your a studio user and have Elinchrom lights and the wireless sky port system then try the free Elinchrom SkyPort WiFi app. This allows you to remote control all your studio lights direct from your iPad.

Lastly if your an Adobe Lightroom user, and you use your iPad to backup your photographs when out on site, try PhotoSmith. This allows you to add all your keyword and metadata information to your photographs and then sync them and this data to your Lightroom database once your home, a great little time saver.

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