Fate and the Great Crested Grebe

Its just typical or maybe just fate, but the one day I do not have a camera with me, I walk past Brayford Pool in the middle of Lincoln and spot duckings and for the first time a young Great Crested Grebe.  While I have seen them at Hartsholme and at the lakes at Whisby Nature Reserve, I have never seen them in the centre of Lincoln before.

That will teach me.  Unfortunately an iPhone does not cut the mustard for wildlife photography.

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  1. Is there a phrase such as anti-serendipity?

    I too saw the ducklings on Thursday and even though I was lucky to have my NEX-7 with me I only got a few pictures – none of them very good unfortunately as they are too far away – I am still wait for that 55-210 that I pre-ordered some months ago.

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